The foundation has been created to perpetuate the loving memory of our son Elisha, who we affectionately called “Lishi”, who passed away suddenly at the age of four years and ten months. He was a little boy who exuded sweetness, warmth, and joy. He had a unique spirit and brought light and laughter to everyone around him with his boundless positive energy. This foundation aims to carry on the love and light that he brought to the world each and every day of his life. The Lishi’s Love Foundation focuses its attention on four important areas that reflect meaningful ways to eternalize Lishi’s life and in this way continue to bring blessing to his memory.

In Our Hearts Project

A resource and support for families and the community when suffering the tragic loss of a child. Visit Website


(Acts of Kindness) Dedicated to helping people and developing programs that foster kindness and concern for those in need.


Pursuing programs that bring together different groups of people and promote respect and understanding.


We are dedicated to launching Initiatives and programs that educate and inspire regarding Israel.

Yahrzeit Learning: Virtual Siyyum

On the 12th of Adar Aleph 5771 (2011), Elisha Chanina z”l was playing at home with his parents, brothers, and sisters, when he suddenly passed away. Lishi z”l was full of life and life without Lishi is incomplete. This coming yahrzeit for our son Elisha Chanina z’l will mark six years since his passing.  As Lishi’s 7th yahrzeit approaches on the 12th of Adar (February 26-27) we would like to observe the day in a way that resonates with his special personality. Lishi was always excited to speak to anyone and everyone. His fun-loving personality brought people of all kinds together and brought smiles to their faces. Lishi loved to learn. He especially loved to learn the parsha of the week in school and at home. He proudly shared that learning every Shabbat at the Shabbat table.

Siyyum on the 12th of Adar

Join us in learning to help make a virtual Siyyum on Lishi’s Yahrzeit

We invite you to join us as we learn the entire Tanach and complete a Seder of Mishna, Moed. Each year we try to add to the learning in ways that reflect the way that Lishi would have increased his learning.  

Individuals are welcome to study a chapter, a few, or to study an entire book on the day of the yahrzeit. In this way we hope to continue to bring people together the same way that Lishi did. 

Please click here to sign up & take part in the special learning. *Please note you can only add your name to the list from a computer (not from a mobile device). If you have trouble – please contact us and we will add your name for you.

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